Inmates are allowed to send and receive mail. All incoming mail must be stamped, and properly addressed on an envelope. The sender’s return address must also be on the envelope.

Incoming inmate mail shall be searched for contraband items. Any item not approved for inmate possession shall be considered contraband and confiscated.  Contraband items that pose a serious threat to security shall be referred to investigators for possible criminal prosecution. (Such contraband items include, but are not limited to weapons, tools, narcotics, tobacco related products, alcohol, drugs, medicine, and sexually explicit materials). The sender of contraband and the involved inmate may be investigated by Sheriff’s Office officials.

The Sheriff’s Office may temporarily cancel all, or part of, the normal inmate mail services for security purposes. Every effort shall be made to restore normal inmate mail services as quickly as possible.

SENDING MONEY: Click here for instructions on sending money to an inmate.



Please read the directions below for properly addressing an envelope:


Dartmouth Facilities:

If the inmate is located at the Dartmouth House of Correction, the Women's Center or ICE Facility, please use the following format:


Ash Street Jail:

If the inmate is located at the Ash Street Jail, please use the following format:


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