In an effort to improve the efficiencies and security regarding Inmate Deposits, Access Secure Deposits now offers the following payment options for family and friends of inmates:

Click on to send money to your loved one. Access Secure Deposits takes all MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards.  Additional information is also located on our website under Frequently Asked Questions.





Effective Monday August 7, 2017 the Bristol County Sheriff's Office will be introducing new system for Money Orders.

All Money Orders will be made payable to "ACCESS SECURE DEPOSITS" and a Deposit Slip must be filled out with the Inmate's Name and ID Number. This deposit slip will then be mailed along with the money order to the following address:

Secure Deposits - Bristol County
P.O. Box 12486
St. Louis, MO 63132

With this new system there will no longer be a ten (10) day hold on any money orders. It will be directly deposited into your account upon delivery to Access Corrections Secure Deposits.

We will no longer be accepting money orders through the mail after August 7, 2017.

Family members will still be able to deposit funds into an inmate's account via phone, KIOSK or internet. This allows for more options and convenience.

These services are available 24 hours a day throughout the year.


Beginning August, 7th, 2017, click below to download directions and print the actual deposit slip:

Money Order Deposit Slip (pdf format)




The Commissary Lobby Kiosks (in the Dartmouth House of Correction Lobby) do not accept credit or debit cards. Only cash will be accepted through the kiosks. You are still able to use credit and debit cards by phone or through the website. All fees will remain the same.

We no longer provide or accept Inmate Money Envelopes for deposit.

The policies mentioned on this website are subject to change without notice.

Bristol County Sheriff's Office Address: 400 Faunce Corner Road, Dartmouth, MA 02747 Phone: 508.995.6400 Web: