Persons seeking access to public records in the possession, custody, and control of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department may submit a request in writing to the records access officer:

Lorraine Rousseau, ESQ.

Records Access Officer

Bristol County Sheriff’s Office

400 Faunce Corner Road

North Dartmouth, MA 02747



The Department will accept requests sent by hand, by traditional mail, or by electronic mail. Upon request, the Department will provide public records by electronic means unless the record is not available in electronic form or if the requestor does not have the ability to receive or access the records in a useable electronic form.


The Department maintains public records, including, but not limited to:

Public Contracts

Grant Awards

Inmate Census Numbers

ICE Detainees

Public Service Projects

Annual Budgets


The Department is prohibited by law from providing criminal offender record information (CORI) or any information that specifically identifies an ICE detainee. Massachusetts law defines CORI as records and data compiled by a criminal justice agency which concern an identifiable individual and relate to the nature or disposition of a criminal charge, an arrest, a pre-trial proceeding, other judicial proceedings, sentencing, incarceration, rehabilitation, or release.



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