The Victim Service Unit's primary mission is to provide information, assistance, and support to victims of crime and other concerned parties when the offender is in the custody of the Bristol County Correctional Facility.
The services provided by the Victim Service Unit include pre and post-conviction offender information, emotional support and referrals, crisis intervention, and on going safety planning.  Victims of crimes are required to be certified by the Criminal History Systems Board before they can receive this information.  When requested, the Victim Service Unit will educate and assist those who wish to become certified by the Criminal History Systems Board.  The dedicated staff of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office provides these services with professionalism, compassion, and respect.  All information about crime victims is strictly confidential.
Additionally, to ensure that gaps in service or unmet service needs are addressed, the Victim Service Unit coordinates efforts with the Bristol County District Attorney's Office, local and state police departments, the Massachusetts Parole Board, Massachusetts Trial Court Probation departments, the Sex Offender Registry Board, the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance, the Criminal History Systems Board, and other correctional facilities.

Victims will receive notification as soon as possible when an offender:

  • Escapes, dies or is granted an emergency escorted furlough or other temporary release
  • Is granted a modification and reduction of sentence (also known as a “revise and revoke”)
Victims will receive a 14 day advance notice when an offender:
  • Receives his final release date
  • Is transferred to a less secure facility

The Victim Services Unit will also provide information and assistance with:

  • Questions about the criminal justice system
  • Questions related to the sentencing and incarceration process
  • Factors that affect an offender’s release date such as earned work credit, jail credit, parole eligibility and disciplinary reports
  • The enforcement of active restraining orders on offenders incarcerated at the BCSO
  • Pre-trial bail notifications

Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson understands that involvement with the criminal justice system can be overwhelming for victims.  He is committed to ensuring that all victim rights and services, which the public is entitled to, are provided by his office and staff.

For more information, please contact BCSO Victim Services Department/Communications at 508-995-6400 ext 2318


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