"Storybook" Reading Program

The Bristol County Sheriff’s Office "Storybook" Program began in 1999, and continues to encourage reading for inmates and their families. The program is designed to provide the children of those incarcerated the gift of a book and the voice of their parent reading to them.

In this program, an inmate will read a children's book, and a recording is created of the inmates voice. The recording, along with the original book is sent to the inmate's child. The child can then read along with the sound of their parent's voice in the background.

The "Storybook" Program encourages reading for both those incarcerated and their children.


If you are interested in donating books to the Storybook Program, please call Lauren Fontaine at 508.995.6400, ext: 2832.



Bristol County Sheriff's Office Address: 400 Faunce Corner Road, Dartmouth, MA 02747 Phone: 508.995.6400 Web: www.bcso-ma.us