“Treasures of the Sea”

Painted by 25 Inmates at the Bristol County House of Correction
The aquatic mural featured above and titled, ‘Treasures of the Sea,’ has given inmates of different artistic skill levels an opportunity to give back to their local community and allowed them to experience the therapeutic benefits of painting and drawing. Twenty-five inmates participated in the art project.
Project Director and B.C.S.O. employee, Jeremy Corriveau says the mural may be used as an educational tool in schools, aquariums, and adolescent learning centers.  He explains that the mural has given inmates the ability to showcase their unique work, while at the same time, has taught them the benefits of teamwork.  The mural features sea creatures that were painted by individual artists, while other creatures were the result of multiple artists working together.


  Inmate Zonda, a major contributor to this mural said that this project was certainly a learning experience for him.  Despite having limited experience with drawing and painting prior to the program, he appreciated being taught a new skill.  “I enjoy the low stress environment that comes from painting, I work hard, and at the end of the day, I am happier,” Zonda explained.  The program teaches inmates the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and creating 3-dimensional art.  Inmates learn to use a variety of artistic mediums to create a vast array of paintings and self-portraits.  


A grand-scale visual masterpiece, the mural stands 8 feet tall by 12 feet wide when fully assembled.  (story by James Rioux)


Note: The "Treasures of the Sea" Mural is currently on display at the following locations:

Sea Lab, New Bedford, MA




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