Religious Programs:

Religious Services: Residents Encountering Christ: (Rec Program)
This is an intense retreat that begins on a Friday evening and ends late Sunday evening. Volunteers and clergy, from our community, run the program. As a follow up every week afterwards the inmates have meetings to discuss how they are applying what they learned in their every day life.

Religious Services-Bible Study
Volunteers and contractual employees from several religious organizations

Groups in which the topics are decided by the group’s interests in learning more about parenting issues, health, higher power work, meditation and inner healing and peace.

Foundation for Life
An extension of the Teen Challenge Residential Recovery Program. The FFL Group consists of fourteen group studies, which deal directly with the basic fundamental principals and teachings of the Bible. The goal is to help live a successful christian life as well as become a productive member of society.

Religious Group-"The Purpose-Driven Life"
A blueprint for Christian living in the 21st century. A lifestyle based on God’s eternal purposes, not cultural values. Using over 1,200 scriptural quotes and references, it challenges the conventional definitions of worship, discipelship, ministry, and evangelism.



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