BCSO Therapeutic Music Program
Music Program Summary

In the BCSO Therapeutic Music Program, inmates learn the fundamentals of singing and performing in a choir. Inmates enrolled in the Technical Crew learn the basics of stage management, sound reinforcement, and video production.

The goal of the Therapeutic Music Program is to provide inmates with an alternative for destructive behavior. Inmates learn to channel their energy in a positive way and express themselves through music.

The therapeutic program helps inmates in the following ways:

Improves communication and social skills

Helps overcome fears, and cope with anxiety and stress

Provides a structured working environment

Sets clearly defined goals

Teaches the benefits of teamwork

Involves inmates in the creative process

Builds self esteem and a sense of value

The Therapeutic Music Program is a low cost intervention that has measurable results. It is a constructive activity that is non-violent and productive for people who are incarcerated. The BCSO Therapeutic Music Program also teaches valuable life skills such as patience, discipline, and the opportunity to discover ones talents and abilities.


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