Note: Due to the overwhelming support of Bristol County residents, The Sheriff's Department will cease taking donations on January 31, 2010.


Past News Article: January 19th, 2010


Dartmouth, MA - Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has coordinated a project with local police departments to help in the relief effort of Haiti. The county-wide project will donate clothes, shoes, and medicine to those in need.

Police stations will collect clothes, shoes, vitamins and hygiene items. In addition, inmates from the Dartmouth House of Correction will assist the effort by picking the items up at each location, and sorting the items to prepare them for shipment. "It will give our prisoners a chance to get involved and give them a perspective on life here and what life is like in one of the poorest countries," Hodgson said.

Sheriff Hodgson said that the Bristol County Sheriff's Department will work with the St. Rocks Haiti Foundation which will then take the supplies and deliver them to Haiti via boat or plane. He also said that there will be no cost to the taxpayer, because the St. Rocks Foundation will fund all deliveries.

Items Requested for Haiti Relief:

Children's Tylenol, Baby Tylenol, Adult Tylenol, Ibuprophen, Children's Vitamins, Baby Vitamins, Adult Vitamins, Hydrocortisone Topical Cream, Pepcid, Tums, Immodium, Pedialyte, Poly Bacitracin, Anti-Fungal Cream, Infant Formula (already mixed with water), Protein Bars, Sneakers & Shoes for Adults and Children, Light Clothing.

If you wish to donate to this important cause, please contact your local police department:

List of Local Police Departments


The Bourne State Police are not accepting donations at this time.








Click here for a list of national agencies involved in the relief effort:



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